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The KSCS Board is canvassing for volunteers to participate on a Grant Proposal Committee.  Participants would assist in seeking out opportunities to apply for grants and in writing the grant application.  Funds received would be used to enhance senior’s programming at the Center and to purchase needed equipment..

 Since the KSCS Society Board is working toward building a new dedicated KSCS facility, we will definitely require additional funds to ensure the facility is properly equipped.  Such funds are not currently in our operating reserve, therefore, we have to seek other financial means such as donations, other community support, and government or Corporate grants.

 Not-for-profit Societies can apply for small grants from a host of organizations and, although they may be small, they could provide us with essential or even some desirable extras.  Every successful grant could purchase something for the new facility we may not otherwise be able to afford.  The categories for grants vary, but in KSCS’s case, we might target grants under such listings as new and replacement equipment, disability safety issues, active living programs, promoting community volunteerism and participation.

 There is a great deal of administrative work in searching out grants, word-padding detail applications and filing within short time frames. 

 There is no guarantee of success as our proposals would compete with many other worthy submissions. So, hopefully, we have some members with previous grant writing experience willing to volunteer.  Our applications are a sales pitch as to why KSCS should receive the funding.  So an innovative hard working volunteer committee would be a great start.

 Please consider volunteering by sending an e-mail to:  <>>

 With Appreciation and thanks to Broc Braconnier for coordinating the establishment of this committee.

 The KSCS Board of Directors

July 13, 2020